I had the privilege of attending #TED2022 last week. Here are 11 noteworthy quotes:

“Everything we think is real is a construction” Anil Ananthaswamy
“Compassion is contagious” Tiffany Ashley Bell
“You don’t have to move out of your neighborhood to live in a better one” Majora Carter
“We need to stop having to choose between parenting and the work we love” Allyson Felix, Olympian
“Covid19 can be the last pandemic” Bill Gates
“We have everything we need (for managing climate change) save the political will. We have to stop destroying our future and break out of paralysis” Al Gore
“Art is a bridge to make people talk to each other” JR French Artist
“Humans always have a monopoly on evil” Gary Kasparov
“It is actually you that is keeping you healthy: the (mRNA) vaccine is a set of instructions” Melissa J.Moore
“There are as many proteins in your body as stars in the known universe” Melissa J.Moore
“Are we smart enough to survive as a species? AI is the means to evolve further…humans have a strong future as a hybrid species…Utopia or dystopia is up to us” Jeanette Winterson