We hope this year brings you inspiration, hope and ideas to make the changes you want to see happen in the world.

I would like to share a few ways that have helped me being inspired and discover new perspectives


Go to an event you have never been before and/or put yourself in a new role.

It could be a conference, a networking event, a hobby group, a type of show you usually do not attend. By getting out of your usual world you may meet new people, encounter new ideas, be inspired by different emotions. On my list last year was the TED conference, Burning Man, an escape room, a pastry cooking class, an event with start-up co-founders and co-organizing a creativity conference (Creativity Expert Exchange) and TEDx Youth@EB


Enroll in a least one new training program and learn something new.

There are many online options if your company does not offer what you are interested in. Check free classes on Coursera,  LinkedIn Learning for on demand classes, IdeoU for a focus on Design Thinking, or +Acumen for classes on social changes.  Last year I took a class with Acumen on social entrepreneurship and got my certification for leading Foursight teams workshops- which is a great approach to help organizations help their teams become more innovative. (www.Foursightonline.com)


Read a book or subscribe to a few newsletters, blogs or magazines in an area that you do not know much about.

I used my soon to expire airlines miles to subscribe to magazines I would not normally read. In 2016, I subscribed to Southern Cooking, Travel & Leisure and Money magazine. I also get a free book every month from Amazon Prime and have read books I would never thought of buying. And I subscribed to academia.edu to get access to digest of academic papers.

What may be your first three sources of inspiration for 2017?

May this New Year be filled with new experiences!

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