In a world where innovation and creativity are integral to business success, many still struggle with how to help their teams develop these key skills so they are comfortable creating change. Strategic Insights guides organizations by providing new mindsets, skills and tools that make innovation and change easier.

Strategic Insights guides organizations through creative processes that provide new mindsets, skills, and tools to make innovation and change easier — ultimately becoming part of the organization’s culture. Through our highly experiential and long-term training, coaching, and facilitation we help your organization gain the skills to discover new ways of embracing innovation and change.

Strategic Insights’ unique approach is based on best practices learned from over 20 years of experience in the innovation field:

  • Combining proven approaches such as design thinking and creative problem solving (CPS) to build successful learning experiences
  • Integrating the importance of teams working on innovation projects: we build skills both at the individual and team levels
  • Custom approach: All our work is customized to best apply to your organization, embedding new skills into existing framework and learning through real challenges
  • Real solutions for real users: all our work is centered around the needs of the users, acknowledging that change and innovation only work if it is accepted by those who will be impacted
  • Acknowledging that while innovation works best with diverse teams both from a functional and personal diversity, it also requires learning best practices working together as a diverse innovation team
  • Long-term programs: we know that one time training does not work when changing mindset and behaviors so our program are long-term and integrate multiple component such as on-site training, on-line coaching and webinars and on-site facilitation and audit

Meet The Founder

Helene Cahen is an experienced innovation consultant, facilitator, trainer, and coach with more than 20 years of insight into market research, communications and new product development. She has a proven record of guiding her clients toward user-centered innovation, helping them to discover solutions that address their organizations’ evolving needs.

Ms. Cahen’s international experience includes managing multi-million-dollar marketing research budgets for The Clorox Company and directing agency advertising campaigns for packaged goods companies such as Unilever, Nestle and Kraft Foods. She has held executive and management positions in advertising, marketing research, HR, finance, and sales as well as VP of Innovation for an online start up.

As an independent innovation consultant, Ms. Cahen receives accolades for her valuable assistance to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and non-profits. She has been a lecturer, coach and facilitator for the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and the Haas Executive Program, teaching innovation principles to both students and executives.

Trained in Creative Problem Solving and Design Thinking, Ms. Cahen received a Master’s of Sciences in Creativity and Change Leadership from the State University of New York. She has given presentations on Design Thinking at many conferences including ACA, CPSI, Creativity Expert Exchange, and the Design Thinking Unconference. Ms. Cahen is also a trained Foursight® Facilitator and Administrator.

Born and raised in Paris, France she graduated with a business degree from elite Sciences-Po Paris. She actively gives back to the community both financially and through volunteering with non-profit organizations.

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