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Helene Cahen is an experienced innovation consultant, facilitator, trainer, and coach with more than 20 years of insight into market research, communications and new product development.

The Best Innovation Conferences Coming Up

Get ready for a year of inspired innovation! Conferences to consider... Future Festival Multiple Dates and locations A highly immersive conference with one-day program in many cities. You can check their schedule at https://www.futurefestival.com/ CPSI Conference June 2020  – Online A hands-on creativity conference from the Creative Problem Solving Institute with on-line webinars in [...]

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Showing Up: What I Learned at TED Women 2018

I am addicted to TED. There is no other conference like it with a mix of amazing women, great conversations and great curation. Last month,  I was in Palms Spring attending my fourth TED Women conference where the theme was Showing Up — and did the speakers and attendees show up! I had fascinating conversations on topic as diverse as augmented reality, women leadership, micro [...]

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Trends: Nine Questions that Matter to Innovative Organizations

I recently attended the Innov8tors conference in Los Angeles which focused on sharing knowledge among corporate innovators who are working on innovation projects and leading innovation teams. Some emerging challenges came to light from the presentations, workshops and conversations— many of which echoed what I heard at the Council conference in January. While it would be great to have a simple answer to each of [...]

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What’s new at TED? My Takes from 2018

Having attended TED for the past 3 years, I am seeing trends about major topics and changes that are happening rapidly in the world with TED being at the front of these trends. Here  is my subjective take on the most fascinating themes from 132 talks during a five day conference. AI is no longer science fiction and will become mainstream in the next decade. [...]

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10 Quotes from TED 2018 – “The Age of Amazement”

I am back from TED 2018 “Age of Amazement” conference, my head full of ideas some exciting and some very scary about where humanity may be going: from AI, synthetic bodies and ability to edit and program DNA to new ways to learn about our bodies, new approaches around global warming and rockets to Mars. I need a couple of weeks to incubate and summarize [...]

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Book review: The Iconic Advantage by Soon Yu with David Bliss

Soon Yu and I worked together many years ago at Clorox and reading this book brought back memories of intense discussions related to the brand we were building and the challenges at hand. This book is a good reminder that not all innovation has to be completely new and that there is power in innovating with the old. This book is about the power of [...]

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Exploring the Relationship Between Innovation and Productivity

In February, I had the honor of joining my colleague Janice Francisco as a guest at the joint meeting of the Conference Board of Canada and the Conference Board of the US. The topic of our discussion was innovation and productivity. Janice provided a great summary of the overall conference below, but here are my highlights of the group discussion I participated over the two [...]

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How to make Innovation Practice Stick? Get a Coach.

Most of my career has been working in the innovation and creativity area. I love this field and I am obviously very comfortable here but came to the realization that while people get very excited about training programs and tools for creativity and innovation, it is often challenging to maintain those skills and tools when they are back into their regular routines.  While they want [...]

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Use Awareness to Tap into Kindergarten Creative

When I work with a team around improving their innovation approaches, I often ask: are you creative? Depending on the group I get between one and four hands raised. Interestingly enough I tried the same exercise with a group of Kindergarteners when I went to my son’s classroom once and most of the hands went up. Why the difference? Somewhere around Kindergarten time we start [...]

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