facilitation helps teams build better

product/service development processes

Better Product Development Processes

Innovation is critical for long term sustainability of a business. Working in teams can be challenging — especially with the added challenge of virtual and hybrid teams.

It is difficult to work collaboratively on projects (beyond simply talking) while you do not have a common space to meet and work and lack non-verbal cues (which represents the bulk of communication) that you get by being together.

The pressure on teams working on innovation projects is particularly high since the projects may be ambiguous and may fail (95% of new product fail according to INC.) They require a different type of thinking for which the team members and management may not have enough training on the process, nor the time and ability to facilitate complex processes over several days.

Strategic Insights empower teams to collaborate better by facilitating specific projects during the front end of the innovation process, guiding teams through assignments, steps and tools so they can focus on the content. Having an external facilitator 100% focused on the process, makes the early stages of innovation so much faster, effective and less expensive.


  • Innovation is critical to the long-term sustainability of your business. As COVID as shown, business as usual does not exist and organizations need to adapt, pivot and innovate to respond to the changing needs of their users or clients.
  • While most organizations see the need for innovation, they often don’t know how to tackle the front end of innovation well. Organizations may lack the know-how and employees in charge of creating change or innovation on a particular product/service or experience area may not have a common process and/or their team members may not be trained on performing in an innovation team.
  • Team members are unaware of the unique ways they like to solve problems and may get frustrated with others with different approaches to problem solving and expectations for collaboration which can result in inefficiencies and conflicts.
  • It is rare for organizations that have trained internal facilitators that have either the training or the time required to facilitate all the steps of the front end of innovation.


  • Strategic Insights helps teams through the early stages of innovation by guiding them through the process of understanding their challenge, identifying ideas, developing and testing prototypes and planning their implementation. We provide hands-on facilitation through the process including creating specific assignments for team members, facilitating team collaboration through workshops or sessions, using relevant tools to help them move from the initial challenge to identifying specific prototypes that can then be taken through the organization standard process.
  • By using a trained facilitator who can be 100% focused on the optimum process for the team, team members can focus on bringing their best thinking in a way that is efficient, and save time and money.
  • We customized our support based on the specific outcomes that the team wants to reach while taking into account time and budget constraints.
  • All of our work can be done online both synchronously and asynchronously through the use of collaborative white boards and Zoom (or other collaboration platform).
  • We believe in a user-centered approach to innovation so user input and feedback is critical throughout the process. User testing is most often intrinsic in the process so we may have users providing feedback while we are working through the process with the team.
  • We use a combination of design thinking and Foursight® framework and tools.

Empowering Teams through Facilitation

We believe that the internal team members are the ones with the knowledge and expertise so we focus on the process to bring together that knowledge and expertise to create successful outcomes.