The first few months of COVID-19 has been focused on reacting and surviving, I hope you have more time now to think about development and learning and can see how innovation can be critical.

Here are some resources to help you grow and learn in the area of personal growth, creativity and innovation for this summer and fall.

Virtual Global Mindfulness Summit

August 20-26 (FREE)

If you are looking for inspiration and want to better understand how mindfulness can help you in your professional and personal life, you may want to check this event at

I have attended the Wisdom 2.0 conference this year (my last live conference) and it was amazing and so inspirational. It included leaders in science, politics, social justice, business and mindfulness field.

Virtual Fast Company Innovation Festival

October 5-9

The first-ever virtual Fast Company Innovation Festival will be an immersive multi-session online experience convening thousands of makers and innovators from across the globe—on a single digital event platform —for five days of inspiration, connection and meaningful takeaways

Virtual Silicon Valley Innovation Summit

October 2020

Learn about new ways that businesses can prosper in the age of digital disruption.

Front End of Innovation – Virtual or In Person

December 8-10 Boston

This year theme is Transform, Disrupt, Break-through.

Large organizations are under fire to be more agile and opportunistic in their approach to innovation, adaptation, and disruption. FEI is a 3-day event for Innovation and R&D Executives seeking strategies to systematically tackle the innovation process-from ideation through execution in order to generate momentum for the next generation of transformative products, services, and business models.