innovation requires developing skills for

design thinking & problem solving

Design Thinking & Problem Solving

The pressure on teams working on innovation projects is particularly high since the projects may be ambiguous, may fail and require a different type of thinking.

And yet innovation skills are rarely learned in school or on the job. Having a common framework, language and tools is critical to help teams and management collaborate in a efficient and supportive way.

Strategic Insights offers a unique approach that combines the Fundamentals of the Foursight Thinking process (also called Creative Problem Solving or CPS) as well as design thinking. These two approaches combined create  a clear process and the tools to ensure that all stakeholders and users – internal and external,  partners, employees, suppliers, etc.- are at the heart of your innovation

A clear process, shared language, powerful yet simple tools and an understanding how to facilitate the innovation process makes a critical difference in team collaboration and success, overall satisfaction as well as saving time and money.


  • Innovation is critical to the long term sustainability of your business. As COVID as shown us, business as usual does not exist and organizations needs to adapt, pivot and innovate to respond to the changing needs of their users and the environment.
  • While most organizations see the need for innovation, they often don’t know how to tackle the front end of innovation well. Organizations may lack the know-how, employees in charge of creating change or innovate on a particular product/service or experience area may not have a common process and/or their team members may not be trained on performing in an innovation team.
  • While user-centered design is becoming more mainstream, many organizations have not fully embraced the concept of getting input and feedback continuously while looking at improvement and innovation.


  • We are experts in creativity and innovation. Founder Helene Cahen has an M.S. in Creativity and Change Leadership from the International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State and is also a certified Foursight trainer.
  • Our approach combines design thinking with its principle of being user-centered, prototype driven and iterative together with the Foursight® framework which is based on 60 years of research around the Creative Problem Solving approach and ways to optimize the creative process in teams.
  • Our approach may also include training in Ethnographic Research as it is critical for team members to be in touch regularly with their users in a way that is professional and inform their innovation process.
  • We also start any team training with the use of the Foursight® instrument to provide team members with an understanding of their unique preferences for different part of the innovative process as well as map the profile of their team. This allows for better awareness, communication and collaboration among team members. Study have shown that teams aware of their Foursight preferences (IBM study 2003) are more performant and work better together.
  • We believe that training has to be experiential and based on a real challenge so team members have a “case study” of how the process has worked for them that they can use as a reference when applying the process and tools to future projects.
  • One time training usually does not stick when we are learning skills that require behavioral changes and new ways to collaborate. We recommend creating programs overtime that include training, booster training, coaching and assignments so learning about design thinking and Foursight ultimately becomes a new way of thinking that can be applied.

Build Design Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

We believe that learning and developing thinking design skills requires behavioral changes that are best learned through time and repetition.