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As a leading authority on the effectiveness of developing creativity and innovation in the workplace, Strategic Insights founder, Helene Cahen inspires thoughts and actions around the themes of innovation, creativity, design thinking and user centered design at corporate meetings, keynotes, conferences and as a podcast guest..

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Firmly believing that satisfied customers and engaged employees drive business, Ms. Cahen’s presentations, public speaking engagements and workshops focus on how to build tangible user-centered relationships with a blend of stories and experiences that move audiences to action. Topics ranging from future trends and innovation in the workplace to sustainable growth and defining idea strategies and embracing diversity of thinking.

Previous Podcasts & Interviews

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November 2021


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We discuss design thinking, creativity, business model canvas and applying design thinking in our new world.

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Popular Topics

You can learn to become more creative

As adults we use creativity daily, yet we do not see ourselves as creative. Help your business audience become more aware of their own creativity and how to better foster creativity personally and for the organization.

Why fear of failure makes an organization more likely to fail at innovation

Paradoxically, when failure is not accepted in a culture, your organization is at risk of failing at innovation.

Is brainstorming obsolete?

No, but it is misunderstood and misused. Brainstorming is a tool in service of a process. Learn that the real challenge is how to generate the most innovative ideas, with the best process and tools.

Design thinking is here to stay

Design thinking works but it is an approach that takes training and practice. What is design thinking and what are the watch-outs and ways to bring design thinking successfully in your team or your organization?

Embracing diversity of thinking to strengthen collaborative teams

In life and in business you want to be seen for our own creativity. And yet often we assume we all have the same creative process. The reality is that we each have a unique preference for different part of the process and that by discovering how unique and diverse our thinking is, we can embrace that diversity, appreciate our team members better, and be more efficient and happier.

How can virtual teams collaborate effectively beyond zoom

Virtual teams and hybrid are here to stay so how to make them work well. The COVID crisis told us it was possible to work remotely but not necessarily how to collaborate from the long run. You can learn how teams can appreciate each other better and embrace real collaboration team beyond zoom and talk.