How We Work Together

Your challenges and your organization are unique. We develop an approach that provides optimum results for your team by training and coaching them to be successful innovators within the unique culture of your organization — or for a specific innovation project. We work with the organization in a very collaborative way to create the best program.

Process for Engagement

1. Initial phone consultation

During this initial 30-minute consultation, we discuss your overall challenges and goals. You will get an overview of our services and the way we work and if you feel we would be a good match, the next step is an in-person meeting.

2. In-Person Meeting or Video Conference

This meeting is used to focus in and clarify your goals, company culture, expected outcome as well as your decision-making process. It is a discovery session for us to learn more about your challenges, constraints, and to better understand how we might bring value to your organization.

3. Proposal

Next, we’ll create and present in person or via video conference, a customized proposal for your needs. This allows you to ask questions, get clarification and make changes to it. By the end of the meeting, you will have the proposal best fit for you and your organization.

4. Pre-facilitation meeting

We’ll present an outline of the training and/or facilitated meetings and receive your feedback and input.

5. Pre-workshop/session assignment

Depending on the nature of the work, we (or you) may contact participants, suggesting some pre-work or assignments to help prepare.

6. Facilitated sessions or training program

These sessions include the logistics for the session, facilitating the session/training. We’ll also include a debriefing session to get wrap-up and feedback.

7. On-going coaching and/or additional sessions

Often our programs are built over time and will include multiple training or facilitated sessions as well as coaching in person or via video conference. This helps to build skills and opportunities for applied assignments.

8. Three-month follow-up assessment

We help you create a short online questionnaire to assess the medium-term impact of the session.

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