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Innovative Mindset and Team Development

Working in teams can be challenging. Innovation projects require diversity of background and perspectives including diversity of thinking in order to to solve complex projects.

When team members do not have a common process around innovation projects and do not understand they have different preferences and implicit ways to solve the challenges, collaboration can be difficult and the work may get frustrating and inefficient.

Strategic Insights empower teams to collaborate better together. By using the Foursight Assessment, team members can learn to understand their own preferences for different parts of the innovation process as well as their team members preferences through mapping the team profile. They can also learn to adopt a process and tools that brings everybody to a common ground.  As the result, your teams can get a new appreciation for each other’s uniqueness of process thinking, learn to work better with others and develop a common framework to increase collaboration, efficiency and enjoyment.


  • Teams on innovation projects or projects requiring creative thinking are often build to represent a diversity of functions, skills, experience, representation and perspective. Yet, while they are tasked to create change and innovate, they often do not have a common framework, process or tools.
  • Team members are unaware of the unique ways they like to solve problems. Conflict or inefficiencies may arise because of misunderstanding of  others with different approaches to problem solving and expectations for collaboration
  • Innovation teams are particularly challenging as they have the mandate of coming up with new products, services and experiences, while being unsure of their ability to be successful (95% of new products fail according to INC). And  they cannot rely on “doing business as usual”.


  • We believe that understanding and leveraging diversity of process thinking in your team will create an environment where each individual can be appreciated for their unique contribution and the team can leverage each member unique preference and diverse thinking in a collaborative way.
  • We use the Foursight® instrument to provide team members with an understanding of their unique preferences for different part of the creative process. We also create a team profile that help understand the ways the team as a whole may prefer certain aspects of the innovation process.  This allows for better awareness, communication and collaboration among team members. Study have shown that teams aware of their Foursight preferences (IBM study, 2003) are more performant and work better together.
  • We provide experiential learning  so team members can become aware of their preferences and impact on others and be able to change the way they collaborate.
  • We can also offer team training  so that team members can learn a common process and tools to help them continue to work more efficiently together.

Build Innovative Skills in Your Teams


We believe that learning and developing skills to become innovative requires behavior changes that are best learned through time and repetition. Our training programs provide highly-experiential activities that ensures that once the initial training is over, the participants learn to apply their skills in their job, practice and have an opportunity to discuss successes and challenges with peers and a coach.


Training is not enough to really change behaviors and tackle complex challenges. Complementary coaching ensures that beyond the initial training, teams and individuals have the customized support they need to continue addressing the challenges in their teams and everyday job. Our coaching focuses exclusively on supporting innovation projects and a team’s ability to create impactful change.


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