What’s new at TED? My Takes from 2018

Having attended TED for the past 3 years, I am seeing trends about major topics and changes that are happening rapidly in the world with TED being at the front of these trends. Here  is my subjective take on the most fascinating themes from 132 talks during a five day conference. AI is no longer science fiction and will become mainstream in the next decade. [...]

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10 Quotes from TED 2018 – “The Age of Amazement”

I am back from TED 2018 “Age of Amazement” conference, my head full of ideas some exciting and some very scary about where humanity may be going: from AI, synthetic bodies and ability to edit and program DNA to new ways to learn about our bodies, new approaches around global warming and rockets to Mars. I need a couple of weeks to incubate and summarize [...]

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Favorite Quotes from TED 2016 – “Dream”

Thinking about our behaviors: “The costumes are how we revealed ourselves to each other.” Adam Savage talking about his love of costumes, and what happens at Comic Con “Getting out of the 2D world (of screens) to live in a 3D world, will enable us to return to the humanity.” Alex Kipman, inventor of the Hololens, a virtual holographic interface “The act of sharing is [...]

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Seven Ted Talks, Guaranteed to Inspire

My TED Takes Recently, I traveled to Vancouver Canada to attend the “big” TED, as people who have been to the other TED conferences call it. My brain is still in recovery mode from processing all of the talks, experiences, discussions and new friends during a week of 16 hour-days. Yet it was exhilarating to have so many conversations and to watch more than 70 TED [...]

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