If you are already thinking about ways to help develop your innovation skills in the new year,  here are a few conferences to check out.

AMA Design Thinking Virtual Conference

April 23-24 – Online

This conference will “look at how design thinking can enable you and your company to understand your customers, think innovatively about how to meet customer needs, test your assumptions, and implement your plan”. https://www.ama.org/events/ama-design-thinking-virtual-conference/i/

Front End Innovation

May 14-16 – Boston, CA

FEI is a 3-day innovation conference where R&D and Innovation executives learn about innovation trends. https://marketing.knect365.com/feiusa/


June 18-23 – Buffalo, NY

CPSI is a hands-on conference that focuses on deliberate creativity, innovation and change leadership. Mostly through workshops, you can learn practical creativity skills and tools in an inspiring learning environment.  http://cpsiconference.com/