Strategic Insights will guide your organization toward innovation. We’ll be teaching your teams new ways to think about the innovation process and effective tools to initiate and manage your specific issues. Our public and private workshops address creativity and the innovation framework, process and tools. We’ll also create customized and experiential workshops to address your organizations’ current innovation challenges.

Topics may include:

  • Design Thinking. Inspire. Inform. Transform.
  • How to Bring more Creativity into Your Life or Your Organization
  • Design Thinking and Creativity: Transform the Way You Approach Finding and Selling your Ideas
  • Everything Creative: Lessons from the Art and Design
  • Design Thinking: A Perfect Complement to CPS for Innovation Projects
  • Design Thinking for Better Innovation
  • Design Thinking for a Sustainable World
  • Creative Problem Solving Meets Design Doing (Youth Program)
Where we have provided workshops
American Creativity Association
UC Berkeley Extension
Creative Problem Solving Institute Conference
Creativity Expert Exchange
French American Chamber Of Commerce in San Francisco